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HALAL - Oreo Roll - Blackpink - 123g (Indonesia) HALAL
Barbie - Candy Barbie Case
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HALAL - Oreo Roll - Blackpink - Blueberry Ice Cream 123g (Indonesia)
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HALAL - Oreo Roll - Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar - 123g (Indonesia)
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Toxic Waste - Nuclear Sludge Bar - 20g(Pakistan) HALAL
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HALAL - Oreo Wafer - Choco Vanilla Dutch Cocoa - 140g (Indonesia)
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Barbie - Candy Toy Fan with Candy
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Haribo - Halal Gold Bears - 80g
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Slush Puppie - Roller Licker -  60ml (UK)
Mamee - Instant Noodles Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken - 80g (Malaysia)
Mister Potato - Ghost Pepper Black Crisps - 45g  (Malaysia) HALAL
Barbie - Candy Stamp - 1pc
Zweet  - Sour Silly Spagetti Rainbow 128g (Halal & Kosher)
Zweet  - Sour Belts Rainbow 128g (Halal & Kosher)
Samyang Noodles Spicy Chicken Buldak Two Times Spicy - 700g (Korea)
HALAL - Oreo Roll - Dark & White Chocolate - 119.6g (Indonesia)
Zweet  - Sour Belts Strawberry 128g (Halal & Kosher)
Oreo Roll - Pokemon Banana - 119g (Indonesia)
Powerbears - Space Invaders Gamer Gummies - Limited Edition - 50g (Germany) HALAL
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Haribo - Giant Trees - Theatre Bag - 140g (UK)
Haribo - Giant Trees - Theatre Bag - 140g (UK) Sale price$3.21 CAD Regular price$4.95 CAD
Oreo Roll - Pokemon Strawberry Creme - 119g (Indonesia)
Haribo - Giant Strawbs - Theatre Bag - 140g (UK)
Toxic Waste - Goop Gum - 43g(Pakistan)
Exclusive Brands - Hot Wheel 3D Puzzle - Popping Candy HALAL
Oreo Roll - Pokemon Chocolate - 119g (Indonesia)
Slush Puppie - Strawberry & Lemon and Lime Sherbet Chewbies Bar -  25g (Europe)
Zweet  - Sour Bites Grape Tray 285g (Halal & Kosher)
Oreo Roll - Pokemon Vanilla - 119g (Indonesia)