Freeze Dried Candy Schweets - Lucky Mallows (Limited Time)

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Introducing Freeze Dried Lucky Mallows

"Get lucky with Freeze Dried Candy Schweets! These Lucky Mallows are a mix of freeze dried marshmallows from everyone's favourite cereal. Made from Lucky Charms Marshmallow. Enjoy the crunchy and sweet taste in every bite. Perfect for snacking or adding to your favourite treats. Grab a bag and feel like a kid again!"

Bag Contains: 35g +

NOTE: Our durable packaging does its best to protect these fragile items during shipping, although breakage is still possible. TIP: Use the flakes and crumbs at the bottom of your bag as a yummy dessert topper!

FREEZE DRIED FACTS: Each batch of freeze dried treats take approximately 14 - 24hours to complete in the freeze dryer. Each bag of candy is never identically, so pieces may be bigger, smaller, cruncher, puffier or look completely different than the last. But thats part of the fun 🤩 

Size: Lucky Mallows