Freeze Dried Candy Schweets -Schweet Tarts (Limited Time)

Sale price$5.00 CAD

Indulge in a playful Easter treat with Freeze Dried Candy Schweets - Schweet Tarts! Featuring Freeze Dried Sweetarts.  Limited time only!

Bag Contains: 43g + 

NOTE: Our durable packaging does its best to protect these fragile items during shipping, although breakage is still possible. TIP: Use the flakes and crumbs at the bottom of your bag as a yummy dessert topper!

FREEZE DRIED FACTS: Each batch of freeze-dried treats take approximately 14 - 24hours to complete in the freeze-dryer. Each bag of candy is never identical, so pieces may be bigger, smaller, cruncher, puffier or look completely different than the last. But thats part of the fun 🤩