Freeze Dried Candy Schweets - Caramel Puffs (Werthers)

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Unleash your inner kid with our Freeze Dried Schweets! We've got Caramel Puffs (Werthers Original, Apple and Pumpkin Spice). Go ahead and treat yourself - these freeze dry snacks won't melt! Try our Freeze Dried Schweets -Caramel Puffs and enjoy a crunchy twist on this candy classic. Our Werthers are bigger and better than ever, so get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth without getting it stuck in your teeth!

Bag Contains: 20g Approximately 17-20

NOTE: Our durable packaging does its best to protect these fragile items during shipping, although breakage is still possible. TIP: Use the flakes and crumbs at the bottom of your bag as a yummy dessert topper!

FREEZE DRIED FACTS: Each batch of freeze dried treats take approximately 14 - 24hours to complete in the freeze dryer. Each bag of candy is never identically, so pieces may be bigger, smaller, cruncher, puffier or look completely different than the last. But thats part of the fun 🤩 

Title: Caramel Apple